The Amiri Baraka Society at the 28th American Literature Association Conference, Boston, May 25-28 2017

9:40 to 11:00am

Session 15-E: Digging: Amiri Baraka’s Lesser Known Texts
Chair: Gregory Pierrot, University of Connecticut at Stamford
1.“‘Pick Up Them Cliffords’: Digging in Baraka’s Archive for an Unpublished Essay on Clifford Brown and a Penny-Fueled Plebiscite,” Aidan Levy, Columbia University
2.“A Longish Poem About A Dude,”Aldon Nielsen, The Pennsylvania State University
3.“Interdisciplinarity and Polytextuality in Amiri Baraka and Fundi’s
In Our Terribleness,” Jean-Philippe Marcoux, Université Laval, Québec

12:40 to 2:00pm

Session 17-E The Music of the Black Arts Movement: A Roundtable Organized by the Amiri Baraka Society
Moderator: Jean-Philippe Marcoux, Université Laval, Québec.

Askia Touré, poet, activist, founding member of the Black Arts Movement
Emily Lordi, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Tony Bolden, University of Kansas
Aldon Nielsen, The Pennsylvania State University

3:40 to 5:00pm
Session 19-P: Business Meeting: Amiri Baraka Society

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