About the ABS

The Society  seeks to initiate, sponsor, and encourage publications, conferences, programs and projects celebrating the life, works, and legacy of Poet Laureate-publisher-writer-critic-playwright-artist-sculptor-trickster, irrepressible political gadfly, and transformational literary figure of the 20th century and beyond: Amiri Baraka.

For anyone familiar with the multi-dimensional nature of Baraka’s transdisciplinary work and passionate socio-political activism, the foregoing and expansive categories fail to capture the depth and scope of his creative output and his cultural significance across the globe. However, for those uninitiated into the expansive field of Baraka studies, we wanted to provide you with a number of entry points to his rich and wide-ranging works, and a space to facilitate encounters and exchange in academia and beyond, and to initiate, sponsor, and encourage publications, conferences, programs and projects dedicated to the many works of Amiri Baraka.

The Society sponsors two panels at the American Literature Association Convention held on Memorial Day weekend every year.

2015-2017 Officers:

President: Grégory Pierrot (University of Connecticut at Stamford)

Vice-President: Jean-Philippe Marcoux (Université Laval, Québec)

Co-Secretary/Treasurer: Oty Agbajoh-Laoye (Monmouth University)

Co-Secretary/Treasurer: Anna Everett (University of California at Santa Barbara)


Posting Information at the Site

  • Because this is an informational, educational site, notices of books for sale, eBay auctions, and other commercial information cannot be posted.
  • Although we post information about new books, plays, and so forth relating to Amiri Baraka, we do not link to amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, or other overtly commercial sites, and we do not accept any compensation for posting notices.
  • If you have an announcement of an event or book relating to Amiri Baraka, or if you’ve published something on Amiri Baraka that you would like posted, please submit it to us at amiribarakasoc@gmail.com.


Check out our facebook page.


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