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Welcome to the website of the Amiri Baraka Society!

The Amiri Baraka Society

We are proud to announce the founding of Amiri Baraka Society, and welcome you to join the founding members in this exciting and worthy endeavor.

On Saturday, May 23, 2015 at the annual American Literature Association, Gregory Pierrot and Aldon L. Nielsen called to order the inaugural meeting of like-minded Baraka scholars and researchers to launch The Amiri Baraka Society.

Following his recent passing, the society seeks to initiate, sponsor, and encourage publications, conferences, programs and projects celebrating the life, works, and legacy of Poet Laureate-publisher-writer-critic-playwright-artist-sculptor-trickster and irrepressible political gadfly, and transformational literary figure of the 20th century and beyond—Amiri Baraka.

For anyone familiar with the multi-dimensional nature of Baraka’s transdisciplinary work and passionate socio-political activism, the foregoing and expansive categories fail to capture the depth and scope of his creative output and his cultural significance across the globe. However, for those uninitiated into the expansive field of Baraka studies, we wanted to provide you with a number of entry points to his rich and wide-ranging works.

This Amiri Baraka Society Website is your gateway to all things Baraka, scholarly, popular, and obscure as the case may be. A major goal of ours is to capture the spirit of Baraka by encouraging the types of trenchant analytics, unbounded jouissance, and trickster aesthetics befitting a society dedicated to Amiri Baraka. Visit us often to learn the latest activities of the society and other related Baraka events, and share your own Baraka content with us.


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